Welcome to AbaTrans Software Solutions

Since 1994 AbaTrans has had firsthand experience with all types of companies in the Transport Industry, both large and small. We have developed all types of large in-house specialized transport software programs, customized for our clients’ purposes. These transport software applications, which have become known as our AbaTrans Professional range, have kept pace with and been upgraded in tandem with our clients’ successes and growth.

We have known for a long time that the transport industry is not made up of only the Multi-million Rand corporations. Over the years we have been inundated by requests from the small to medium-size transporters, looking for specialized transport software to run their transport operations – but the cost of the AbaTrans Professional in-house software applications was just too high for them to afford.

These transporters (and transport brokers) have resorted to using complex spreadsheets, word processing and other inadequate software to try to operate professionally. They have also found that Accounting software packages are useless as a decision-making tool for a transporter.

No transport company can exist successfully over the long term without specialized transport software and
specific transport-related management reporting.


AbaOnline © Range of Software

With the advent of better communications technology and affordable high-speed internet lines such as ADSL and 3G, our technical department have developed an extremely cost-effective method of being able to provide most of our AbaTrans software applications as online versions - via the Internet.

The AbaOnline range of transport software applications includes:

  • AbaLoad © - Debtors and Load Management
  • AbaWarehouse © - Warehousing and Load Consolidation
  • AbaFleet © - Workshop Maintenance and Fleet Management

AbaTrans Online makes our comprehensive range of transport software even more accessible and affordable - suitable for all transporters - from the largest to the smallest start-up transport company.

How do we do it?

  • Your computing hardware and software outlay is minimal and easy to operate.
  • You don’t pay for expensive software development costs as you would for an in-house application because you lease the right to use the AbaTrans Online application(s) only.
  • You can operate your software 24 hours a day, from literally anywhere in the world – your office, your home, on the road.

Are you wasting money?

The biggest problem with Accounting or off-the-shelf software is usually with management, operational or costs reporting.

Its not enough just to have accounting figures. For instance, can your accounting package produce reports that answer these questions:

  • What percentage of the time are your trucks standing in the yard because of no loads, or unresolved maintenance problems, etc.?
  • Which truck (and driver) is running up abnormal maintenance costs?
  • Which loads have the operations department forgotten to invoice when swamped with other work?

Losing the paper war?

How many wasted hours do you spend on administration, time-consuming queries and paper shuffling?

  • Can you instantly find load or job numbers, customer invoices, etc., when handling a query from a customer?
  • How many hours would you save if you could produce this information at the push of a button?
  • Does your lack of efficiency project a bad company image?
  • Shouldn't your focus rather be on client relations, growing your business and making profitable sales?

Do you agree?

Every transport company is unique. Some companies use sub-contractors or brokers, some only do full loads, some do warehousing.

  • No two transport companies operate in the same way. Management styles vary from micro-management to flying by the seat of your pants!
  • Different types of operation - whether full truck loads, consolidated loads or contract work create their own particular workflows and methods.

Transport industry problems

Tired of fitting your Business to your Software?

The AbaTrans Professional range of our software programs and add-on modules can be customized / modified to suite your own unique or special requirements.

  • The standard "built-in" data capture screens and public documents such as invoices and statements, will be customized for your company and identity.
  • Additional customized reports can be added specifically for your operational and management reporting purposes.
  • Our software can also be customized to produce your data in the required formats for integration into industry-standard accounting packages such as SAGE, AccPac and Pastel.

The ability to constantly customize our AbaTrans Professional range of transport software solutions to suite your needs means that your software does what YOU want it to do and "it grows with your business needs" - so it never becomes obsolete.